joi, 31 octombrie 2013

Back to black

New Look top & blazer
Vero Moda skirt
Zara bag
H&M booties & necklace
Fossil watch


    I've been off the radar for the last month regarding the outfit posts, but here I am, back to you with a really amazing look! At least, I think it is just perfectly put together, and even though it is an almost all black outfit, which I am not really fond of, I just love it! I especially love the boots that I bought last weekend, they are really warm, comfortable and chic as well! I have a huge problem with boots, I mean I can never find a proper one for a reasonable price and with a better quality. Hope these beauties will stay with me for longer!
     BTW, I want to ask you all a question. Is it me or our photos have a weird quality? I mean when we edit them they are perfect, but when I put them here on blogger I feel they have lost their quality. Maybe I am just over exaggerating this whole thing. We used to edit them with Picasa, but now we switched to ViewNX 2 which doesn't change the quality as Picasa did. Whatever.

PS: I am so sad I didn't celebrate Halloween this year!! Hope next year I will, it's just not that huge thing in Romania. Of course there are some parties, but only a few people actually dress up!

Hope you are having an amazing Halloween!

luni, 28 octombrie 2013

Keep it simple!

Orsay - Trench coat, boyfriend jeans
Raus - necklace
H&M - top
OVS - flats
Zara - bag

     Hope you had a lovely weekend, I had a hectic one because I moved into my own apartment! I still can't believe that I have my own place, I have to get used to the whole thing. 
     On Sunday we went to the ART NOUVEAU A KIFUTÓN , it was a lovely fashion show. In our little city fashion shows are held very rarely, so when one comes up we just have to be there! Soon we will do a post with a more detailed overview of the show, so stay tuned! 

Have a lovely week!

joi, 24 octombrie 2013

Budapest diary! - part 2

     I left Budapest. The two weeks spent there were truly amazing, I already miss being there. Hope I can revisit it soon. It is so weird that it's not even that far away from where I live, but the mentality, the people are so much more educated and normal. I am sure everywhere we can find stupid people but somehow everything is different there. Sometimes I just hate that I live in Romania.
     BTW sorry for the quality of the photos, I took the old camera with me and left the DSLR to my sister. But one of my friends was kind enough to take some pretty amazing photos, hope I can soon show them to you! Also, during my stay there, I met up with Festy, a very famous Hungarian blogger and we talked about collaborations between the two blogs. Don't really know what, but I am pretty excited!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

sâmbătă, 19 octombrie 2013

Oh sunny Day!

Zara - jacket, bag, earrings
H&M - jeans
Deichmann - boots
PersunMall - shirt, bracelet

Hope you are having a lovely weekend! I for one went for a walk to enjoy this lovely Fall weather. I never really loved Fall, but this year I just have a big crush on it! I love that the leaves are changing color, the weather is crisp and for the first time you can really enjoy a walk! Everything seems more alive than ever! 

For my outfit I decided to wear my new Persunmall shirt, which I just love and will be wearing a lot this season! Otherwise I just kept everything casual and simple!

I just can't have enough shirts in my closet! From the simple white to patterned shirts I have to have one of each style. I think you can wear it to every occasion by dressing it up or down. If you are going to a cocktail party, theater or for a date wear it with a pencil skirt, some stilettos and a big statement necklace. If you want to wear it to school or uni you pair it with a skinny/boyfriend jeans, blazer and an oversized bag.

You can find all of the shirts here !

Have a lovely weekend!

joi, 17 octombrie 2013

Trend Alert - Heart printed blouse !

I have been eyeing this lovely burgundy heart printed blouse from the Burberry Fall-Winte 2013 runway for quite some time now, but my student buget dose not allow it! So I did some research online and I found a cheaper and yet similar blouse on Persunmall ! This week I got it in a package. Yeeeeaay! 

I must say the quality is quite nice for it's price, the material is flowy and yet comfy! You can wear it with almost everything: black pencil skirt, shorts, boyfriend jeans.You can dress it down for the everyday use but also dress it up for a meeting, exam or even cocktail party.
The original Burberry shirt is 595€, while the one from Persunmall is under 30€, so it's quite a bargain ! Check out  their site for more goodies!

I love the  way Chiara Ferragni styled it, fairly similar to the runway look, but added a heart printed clutch and a sleek ponytail.