luni, 25 februarie 2013

First signs of spring

{jeans orsay, bag orsay, sweater orsay, shirt kenvelo, trench coat aggresive, heels pull&bear, necklace benvenuti, sunglasses no name}

 Spring is here! Juppyyy! I've been waiting for a bit of sunshine and warmer weather for quite some time now! It just feels so good! Can't wait to get rid of the the winter cots and the boots! : ) I'm looking forward to wearing colors and sunglasses all day long!
 As spring is upon us it is just a few months away from summer, I decided to start writing about healthy food choices, skincare, sport and so one. Healthy eating for me is very important, but sticking to it can be hard with all the temptation around us. Hope that it will useful for you, readers and for us as well. So stay tuned!

Have a great day!

sâmbătă, 23 februarie 2013

{ Happy Birthday, Mum! }

{ Saci: Orsay dress, New Look belt, H&M necklace, Takko jacket, boots from a local store, Benvenuti bag}
{Kinga: Zara necklace; H&M top; Orsay blazer and coat; scarf, scarf and boots from a local store}

     Today we celebrated our mum's birthday by dressing up a bit and going to our favorite place in town, Piaf Cafe. We drank a bottle of wine, after what we went to see Flight in the cinema. You have to see that movie, it's amazing! By the way, we were thinking for a while now to post some photos about our cousin, who also loves fashion. What do you think? Do you want to see male outfit posts?

Hope you have a relaxing weekend,
Saci & Kinga

miercuri, 20 februarie 2013

{ Weekend }

{ Orsay jeans, C&A sweater and cardigan, Zara shopping bag, Benvenuti necklace and boots, Fossil watch }

     Sorry for the lack of posts, but we were in exam session and after that we were too exhausted to get out of our comfort zone and take photos, so all we wanted to do is watch series and do nothing. I was driving around, I visited my mum after what I went to one of my friends where we celebrated her birthday. This is what I wore one day, honestly looking back at the pictures, I don't really like this look, but at least it was comfortable.


joi, 14 februarie 2013

NYFW 2013


{Pictures Harper's Bazaar and Vogue }

I love New York Fashion Week! Here are some street style pictures and favorite Fashion shows!

Have a great weekend!