luni, 29 octombrie 2012

Life lately

{dress, jacket, bag orsay; boots leonardo; hat meli melo; sunnies c&a}

Movie night!

This is what I wore to the theater, it reminds me of Barney Stinson (How I met your mother-' Suit up!').
{suit orsay, shoes leonardo, clutch stradivarius, sunnies orsay, shirt zara} 

  During the summer I went to the gym 5 times a week and at weekends did some jogging. And I lost 5 kg. :)I hope I can keep my weight or even better to loose some more!:)
Now that uni has started I don't have so much time on my hands so I try going 3 times a week to the gym and do some running in the weekends.
I also eat lots of vegetables and fruits, and avoid sugar.

Dinner with the family.

 Beautiful Szováta /Sovata.

Have a great week!

joi, 18 octombrie 2012

Burgundy and coral

{pants and sweater orsay, blazer pull and bear, clutch h&m, flats deichmann, necklace meli melo}

Hi everyone! This is what I wore today  for my coffee break. I only had 10 minutes to change and another 10 to take these pictures.
I only had one course today, but still I feel so tired, and I drank 3 coffees today (LOL). This was the third week, and still I can't get used to this timetable and the fact that every course is in a different place. But all in all I love being a student! It also has many positive sides; parties , meeting interesting people, if you are lucky studying something that you really like and the perks of being treated like an adult!

Have an amazing weekend!

luni, 15 octombrie 2012

One of those mornings.

{Zara coat, Orsay sweater and jeans, top from Poland, Raus bag and scarf, boots Benvenuti}

     I know, I know these photos are not the best. My hair is a mess, I am still sleepy and my scarf is not arranged properly. But I have a million excuses. Like I recently started Uni and I am still trying to cope with the huge amount of information that hits me day by day. I try to look my best all the time, but there's no time for me to take photos. I mean it would be awkward and hideous as well, taking pictures between classes, while running from the Uni to the County Hospital. Oh and the breaks we have are hardly enough for us to enjoy a cup of tea/coffee or to eat a proper meal. So I am a bit sad because I find it really challenging to run the blog, I mean look to your posts, comments , like Facebook posts etc. But hopefully I will manage to take more photos, and to keep in touch with all of you! :) 

Have an amazing week! :)

miercuri, 10 octombrie 2012

{ Part two }

{Pull&Bear top, Stradivarius skirt, New Look belt, Raus necklace, Kittens wedges, Orsay clutch, Mango cuff, Stradivarius sunnies}

     The last picture is not the best, but it's the only one we've got with the bride. She is one of my best childhood friends, but after we moved here we kind of lost connection. Her wedding was a perfect one, I loved the location, the music, the food was freaking delicious, and her dress was breath-taking! 
     About my outfit, I was so excited to find this skirt, I mean I've always wanted a skirt like this but they didn't look this great on me! The only problem with is that the  underskirt is too short for me, so I'll just have to figure out something to make it longer, or maybe just put a piece of lace. Do you have any other ideas?

Hope you have an amazing week!

duminică, 7 octombrie 2012

October wedding

{Kinga: dress and bag stradivarius, shoes zara, jewellery new look,blazer stradivarius ; Saci: dress local store, earring accessorize, leather jacket orsay}

Hey there! This past weekend we attended the wedding of my sister's childhood best friend. It was the best wedding of this season! The food was delicious, the catering was amazing, the music was for everyone's taste. I was amazed how decorative feathers can look on a table setting, and how much food can be on one persons plate. The bride wore an amazing long train mermaid dress and the groom of course a black tuxedo.
I really enjoyed myself! Hope you had an amazing weekend as well!

Have a great Monday!

luni, 1 octombrie 2012

{ silver & black }

{Forever 21 top, Orsay tuxedo blazer,  Kittens wedges, H&M necklace, Accessorize clutch, Fossil watch, Orsay heart shaped bracelet}

     So today was my first day of University, and it was pretty awesome! This would have been a perfect outfit for the occasion, but today it was really hot and I had to walk a lot, so I chose to wear a denim skirt, a burgundy top and some flats. By the way this is my second outfit of the photo shoot! Do you like it? :)

If you recently started Uni - Good luck!!!