vineri, 31 august 2012

Floral dress on repeat! :)

{Zara dress, Leonardo wedges, New Look clutch, Meli Melo earrings, H&M sunglasses}

     I think I wore this dress too many times now. I mean I've shown you so many times before (here, here and here) but it is only because I love the print of it. It's not the most comfortable one, and I don't like the fact that it makes me look like a hunchbacked if I don't arrange it. But never mind, I will still wear it. Maybe not this year cuz summer's nearly over but next year. 
     This photo was taken a while ago and I didn't really want to be overdressed so I kept it simple. I am still struggling with dressing down beautiful dresses, I mean if I wear a dress I don't want to hide the bottom part or the upper part, and usually when I wear dresses it's really hot, so I cannot layer it. In winter time, if I wear dresses I wear different ones and because of the tights it feels really uncomfortable so... I have to figure out a way to wear them more but still feel differently! :)

Have a nice weekend!

duminică, 26 august 2012

Wedding part two!

{ Unknown brand dress, Kittens black wedges, H&M bag and necklace, Mango cuff }

This is what I wore to the same wedding as Kinga. When you have no idea what you should wear, the best outfit is the LBD with killer shoes and some glamorous accessories.

Have an amazing week!

marți, 21 august 2012

{ wedding }

{Mango dress, Zara heels and headband, Orsay bag, New Look bracelet}

     Sorry for the lack of posts, but I've been busy studying and my sister was at an English Camp, so we couldn't take any pictures let along post anything or blog. After my sister came home, we had to go to a wedding in my mums village, this is what I wore. I decided to try my sisters dress and luckily it was a perfect fit (usually we are different sizes).
     In a few days Peninsula starts, a festival that is held here in Targu Mures and it is a perfect time to catch up with friends that live elsewhere. Honestly it is the first time that I am going for the whole week, so cannot wait for it.

Have an amazing week!

duminică, 12 august 2012

{ Perfect summer dress }

   {Aggressive dress, Leonardo shoes, George fringe bag, Meli Melo earrings, H&M sunnies, Stradivarius bracelet }

     These pictures were taken a while ago, but I totally forgot about them. I am in the middle of my exams right now, my daily routine consist of eating, learning, sleeping and a bit of running  so that is why I cannot take outfit photos. But tomorrow we are going to drop my sister off to English Camp and hopefully on the way there we can take some outfit photos.

Have an amazing week!

joi, 9 august 2012

Brick by boring brick.

{Pull and bear dress, Orsay sunnies, Leonardo heels, Benvenuti bag, Fossil watch, necklace from France}

     Have you ever heard this song? Well I don't really know why but this dress reminds me of it. Maybe the color? Anyways , the story behind this dress is simple. I found it in London during sales time, and even though it makes me look a bit paler, a had to buy it! Too damn cheap!

Have an amazing weekend!

miercuri, 8 august 2012

Lemon & lime

{ Orsay shirt and pants , Asos clutch, Leonardo shoes , Meli Melo bracelet and earrings }

     Wore this outfit for a lunch with my family and some family friends on Saturday. I decided to wear some colors, something that I am trying to get used to, because I am keen on wearing neutral colors more often. But this summer I bought more colorful things, one of them are these yellow pants. The clutch is one of the birthday gifts I got from my sister and my mum. They were so secretive about it that I never thought they would buy me this, first of all because they had to order it on the internet, a thing we have never done before. How do you feel about ordering clothes via internet? We are new to this, and we would like to hear your opinion. Also what sites do you recommend?

Have an amazing day!

duminică, 5 august 2012

Fashion Show at Saga

{Kinga: Orsay dress, Zara heels, New Look clutch, Mango bracelet, Raus necklace}
{Saci: Zara dress, Kittens heels, Asos clutch, H&M necklace and ring,Fossil watch}

     This is what we wore to the Fashion Show we've mentioned in the previous posts. The dress code was cocktail, so we decided to wear dresses because that is what we call a perfect cocktail outfit. We were astonished to see that only a few of us had dresses on, most of the girls chose to wear colorful skirts and a tank top.
     As we were running a bit late for the show, we couldn't take pictures before the event. Then we realized it was a stupid thing to do, because we had to wait a lot 'till it began, so we could have easily took some pictures when there was still natural light. But eventually we had a brilliant idea to take pictures in front of some big lights that are put in front of the castle.
     The fashion show was interesting, a lot of white (which I don't really like but somehow I loved it on the models) and the predominant colors were coral/orange. Because we don't have a great camera, we decided to show you some of the so-called 'official' photos. We only post those outfits that really caught our eyes. If you want to see more pictures you can find them here.

Saci and Kinga

sâmbătă, 4 august 2012

Peplum top :)

     This is what I (Saci) wore to Kinga's birthday. Initially I wanted to buy a dress with this floral print, but I couldn't find it in my size any more, and because I was in love with this print, I decided to buy a peplum top instead. I just love how it fits me! 
   The fashion show was interesting, we will tell you more about it next week.'Til then have an awesome weekend!

{I was wearing: Orsay top and skirt, H&M bag and necklace, Kittens black wedges,Mango bracelet, C&A sunnies}