vineri, 29 iunie 2012


{this is our Grandfather}

{our amazing Mum}

     This is what we wore to the Graduation Lunch (if we may call it so).It's a tradition to gather up the family after the big ceremony and have lunch just before Prom.Well it sounds really complicated, and believe me that day was so overwhelming, a lot of things happened and too many events gathered on one day.
     Both of our dresses are from Orsay, we are in love with this brand, firstly because you can find it in out town but also because it has so feminine clothes and compared to other brands, reasonable price as well!Our closet is full of it, and we cannot wait to go shopping there again. Oh and we just recently bought two amazing yellow dresses, we cannot wait to show them to you.Well you might have to wait for that a little longer, my exams finish at the end of July, but  promise it is going to be worth waiting for!

Have an amazing weekend!

duminică, 24 iunie 2012


     Sorry  I didn't upload these pictures but I just got them. Well the story behind my outfit is really simple, I love being different, more daring than others, and I don't like the usual stuff, the black high-waisted pencil skirt worn with a simple blouse.That is why I decided to wear an asymmetrical skirt with a see-through sleeveless blouse, black wedges and silver clutch. I mean this has to be my all time favorite outfit. Of course, everyone was shocked of my appearance but I don't give a damn, they even took a picture of my shoes so that they can put it on the internet.Heh stupid boys :)
     Our School is a really old one, and it's tradition I think it's pretty mind-blowing. I loved the fact that all of us had to wear a sort of a uniform that day, and it kind of united us all. It looked magical from above, seeing so many 'grown up' teenagers don't you think? I am really proud that I finished in this particular school, and not to brag but in the best class of this year as well. 
     Now all I have to do is study for my final exams which is the hardest part of this year. If you are in the same situation as I am, going through difficult exams, than good luck with them! :)

miercuri, 20 iunie 2012

{ Dots }

     Hey, I'm in the middle of my exams , so sorry for the lack of posts! These pictures were taken on Sunday, when I just dressed up for fun. The dress was my mum's, and we just got it back because my mum gave it to her sister.The necklace is from H&M and I totally love it, it makes the whole look glamorous and priceless. The sunnies are from Orsay, and on second thought, I don't really like how they fit me. The bag is an older bag of mine, the flat shoes are from Stradivarius.They look amazing, but they are probably one of the most uncomfortable shoes I got.
     Hope you are having an amazing day, summer just kicked in here in Romania and I must say unfortunately because it's harder to learn during high temperatures, so I hope rain will come! I finished 3 of my exams which were the easiest ones, now I have to learn for the writing exams, which will be in the first week of July. 

Saci :)

duminică, 17 iunie 2012

Sunday evening

{dress orsay, shoes leonardo,bag from England, sunglasses stradivarius, cuff new look, bracelets stradivarius,earring meli melo}

I finaly got some time to take picures and do a post! I still got 2 exams left, hope they will go well, and after that my summer break can start! I am so looking forward to it!

Have a great week!

luni, 11 iunie 2012

Happy Anniversary :)

     So today Chocolate Fashion Coffee turns 1.Yeeey :) We are really glad that we decided to start a fashion blog together a year ago. We wanted to start one earlier but we weren't sure because Kinga is attending a really difficult Uni and I am in my last year of High School after what I will step in my mum's and sis's footsteps by applying for the same Med Uni. 

     So here's another outfit post, and I am sorry for not uploading the pictures from my graduation, but honestly I still don't have them, but promise I will post them as soon as I get them! :)

{Kinga: skirt and sunnies Orsay,top Zara,clutch New Look,cuff Mango, colorful bracelet Raus,watch Miss Sixty,shoes Grendha}

{Saci: dress Stradivarius, shoes 5th Avenue,bag Raus,watch Fossil,sunnies Primark,necklace MeliMelo}

Officially today I started my final exams, 'till 25th of July there's no stopping! :)

Hope you have an amazing week!

luni, 4 iunie 2012

{ Prom }

     First of all, this is a really special post, not only because it includes my prom outfit, but also it is our 100th post ever! Thank you for everything, honestly we think during this time (almost a year) we developed our sense of style and our fashion knowledge as well, all thanks to this. 
     Secondly, you might have figured it out that I am the kind of girl who loves to make everything really special, that is why I chose this dress, the shoes, the accessories and I chose to go to the prom with a limo. In Romania this is really weird, a lot of my classmates and shoolmates find this an exaggeration, that is why they think of me as a spoiled girl. But I just wanna have fun, enjoy all the opportunities life gives me and make every second worth living!!! 
     Initially I wanted to post my graduation photos first, than the outfit I chose to wear for lunch and only after that my prom outfit, but the 100th post has to be something worth remembering!And besides that, I don't have the pictures from my graduation and lunch yet. Can you believe it? All this in one day ... Three amazing outfits.Stay tuned for more! :)

Hope you had an amazing weekend!