marți, 29 noiembrie 2011

Party time

  I have been wanting to share with you these pics for a while now. I had some problems with my computer and have lost all of my pics, but was lucky because I had all of my recent pics on the memory card of the camera. I was happy about that.
 This pics were taken a while ago. I hosted a pre-party, we have a tradition that before going to a party we go to some friends' place, have fun and drink. I wanted to host something like that, but just couldn't find the right time.Somehow I managed to pull together a "pre-party",unfortunately not everybody came, despite that, we had a fun time and the party was a blast as well.
  As a snack I made breaded olives which goes amazing with red or white wine, I normaly hate olives but like this, they tase very good. The first time I tasted it I developed an obsession over them.

Ingredients:Green olives, flour, beaten egg, seasoned bread crumbs
       First you put the olive into the four, all of it has to be coverd with it.
       Second step you have to put it in the dish were you have prepared the beaten eggs dip it and shake off any excess.
        After which you dip it into the seasoned bread crumbs. 
        The final step you put them in the preheated frying pen. 

                                                                   Have a beautiful week!

duminică, 27 noiembrie 2011

My green weekend

Green tea and my daily dose of fashion.


Every item in our closet has a history, for example those earrings were a gift from my mum for my 18th Birthday, the  bracelet with  many crystals was also a gift, from my boyfriend, and the other two bracelets were my first girly jewelry that I bought.  

Shoes Zara, Skirt vintage, Clutch Accessorize, Shirt Takko, Sweater Takko, Earrings&bracelets Meli Melo.

This outfit was inspired from Ana ( ) she has an amazing blog and I adore  her style.

This weekend was one of those busy one. Friday I had to go to the dentist ,because he had to pull some stitches out (two weeks ago I had two wisdom tooth removed, painful procedure but necessary).We did some shopping, my sister had to buy a ski jacket, and we found the perfect one. On Saturday we went shopping again, and found beautiful items on sale. Sunday we had a  family dinner ,the first Advent Sunday. It is a time of  waiting and preparation for Christmas. It last for four weeks, and we have a tradition of litting a candle each Sunday before Christmas.

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Hope you enjoy your Christmas preparations!


duminică, 20 noiembrie 2011

The first snow

Boots: Benvenuti, Coat: Romanian brand, Bag: Mango, Scarf: Orsay.

Saturday morning we woke up to this beautiful sight, it took us by surpise. So we took a walk ,it was absolutely unbelievable ,I could feel the Christmas spirit in the air.I am so looking forward to this Holiday. I love family dinners, hot chocolate, snowman shaped cookies and the amazing Christmas songs.   
Hope you had a great weekend.  

Kisses from Romania,

miercuri, 16 noiembrie 2011

last autumn days :)

Sorry for not posting so many pictures, but we are really busy with school/university! These pictures were taken a while ago, but we forgot to post them!It was an amazing autumn day, but sadly here in Romania autumn is almost over and winter is coming with its subzero temperatures! So better take out our warm clothes because it's going to be one of the chilliest winters!

Kinga: Top Clockwise, Jeans Orsay, Shoes Graceland, Necklace Stradivarius, Sunnies H&M
Saci Tank Top: Takko, Cardigan Orsay, Jeans Orsay, Shoes Wagoneer, Jacket Takko, Necklace Dorothy Perkins, Sunnies Primark

Hope you are having a fabulous week!
Saci and Kinga

marți, 8 noiembrie 2011

18th Birthday Party

So instead of relating to you everything that happened at my 18th birthday party, I will let the pictures speak for themselves!It was an amazing party, full of great music, delicious cupcakes and tasty cocktails! 
 Have a fashionable week sweeties,
Saci :)