marți, 23 august 2011

Be Happy :)

So this post is taken from Superficial Girls! She posted about Happiness, so we decided we will share the positivity on our blog as well, saying 5-5 things that make us happy!But first of all, Saci is going to post pictures about one of her recent outfit!

Dress: From Greece;Shoes:Leonardo; Bracelets:the purple one from England, the white one was a gift, others can't remember; Scarf: H&M; Bag: No name 

Now as we mentioned, we are going to talk about five things (each) that make us happy right now!

1. Next week I am going to England which means I am going to meet up with some friends of mine, and it is going to be awesome!
2. Two weeks from now a Bulgarian friend of mine will pass through Romania, so we will have the chance to meet :)
3. I am entering my final year of High-School which means a lot of studying but fun as well (taking pictures, parties)
4. As I come home from England I will start planning my 18th Birthday, which is going to be super awesome!!
5. Food always makes me happy!!! :)

1. I am really happy that Uni starts in a month, because I can meet up with my friends who live in different places, and we can share our summer memories.
2. Nail polishes make me happy, because I can change it in addition to my mood :)
3. Watching TV Shows like House MD, Gossip Girl, Criminal Minds, 90210 and so on ( I cannot wait the new seasons!!)
4. Look at fashionable blogs!
5. Eating!!! :) Currently I am obsessed with salads!

Saci and Kinga

sâmbătă, 20 august 2011

Pizza and cocktails ...

So today my boyfriends family and mine went out for dinner to our favorite pizzeria. We had a good time, after which I went with my boyfriend to a popular bar where we met up with a good friend of mine. There was live music which made me very happy ,because I wanted for such a long time to attend such a concert.
My sister is on a mini trip with some of her classmates, they are representing their school on a competition . She took our good camera so I had to use our old one, hope you'll still enjoy them.

Skirt H&M, Top Orsay, Bag Orsay ,Bolero Vintage, Necklace Stradivarius,Shoes Leonardo.


marți, 16 august 2011

Photo shoot part 1 :)

So a few days ago we were out taking some photos with a good friend of ours!Hope you like them and stay tuned for more :)

Saci first outfit: Shirt from Takko, Skirt: Vero Moda
Saci second outfit: Dress: Zara; Shoes: Leonardo; Necklace: Stradivarius
Kinga first outfit: Shirt:Zara; Pants:Orsay; Shoes:Zara
Kinga second outfit: Top from Takko, Pants the same;Shoes from Leonardo;Accessories from Meli Melo

Saci and Kinga :)

vineri, 12 august 2011

New In

 1.-Essence: 14 Pop pastel blue
 2.-Essence: 66 Most wanted
 3.-Essence: 69 Movin' on
 4.-Maybelline, Colorama :64 Vibrant Fuchsia
 6.-Essence: Sunkiss Coral
 7.-Essence, Shimmer powder: Prettylicious
 8.-New York Color: Chelsea Chic
 9.-Rimmel London, Glam'Eyes liquid liner: Black Glamour
10.-Marionnaud brushes
11.-Rimmel London: Pink Blush
13.-C&A sunglasses
14.-H&M necklace
15.-H&M hadband
16.-H&M skirt
17.- Zara dress

These are some of the things I bought myself and my lil' sis. I had an amazing time shopping in Hungary, I've always loved shopping in different  countries .
Two years ago in the spring break my sister and I went to different countries, and because we always bring some presents to each other , this time we managed to buy the same necklace from H&M, while I was in France and she in Switzerland. It was such a funny moment. Do you have some interesting shopping experience ? Please share them with us!

Have a great day!

sâmbătă, 6 august 2011

A trip to Hungary

The past couple of days I've been to Hungary with my boyfriend. I had an amazing time. We have visited Budapest and Hajdúszoboszló . In Budapest we visited the main sights and went shopping. :) In Hajdúszoboszló we visited  the Open-air bath and Aqua Palace. ( ) I loved it there,because we swam and lied in the sun , my favorite things. I will show you what I bought in my next post. :)

Have a great day!

miercuri, 3 august 2011

Arm Party

Challenge excepted!When I read about it I decided I wanna join!!!Hope you like what I did :)


PS: My sister just turned 20 so Happy Birthday to her :)
PPS: She is in Hungary but tomorrow she's coming back!!Can't wait to see her :)